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We hope you enjoy our Portland City Guide. You will find the best Portland Restaurants, Portland Steakhouses, Pizza, Seafood, Golf, Portland Area Attractions, Nightlife, Tours, Hotels, Sites and more. If you have any suggestions about Portland Italian Restaurants, Chinese Restaurants or anything else in the Portland Area please give us some feedback. We have created this Top Ten List to provide the 10 Best and most popular categories of things to do and places to eat in the Portland Area. We hope this lets you get the most of your time in Portland.

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Portland, Oregon

Portland, the most populous city in the state of Oregon offers exciting urban vacations whether you are planning a weekend break or family holidays. The city situated about 70 miles from the Pacific Coast just south of the confluence of the Willamette River and the Columbia River is also known as “The City of Roses” due to many rose gardens which are found all over the city and its famous International Rose Test Garden. However, Portland is also renowned for a large number of diverse attractions which truly suit just about everyone's taste.

Portland is famous for its scenic beauty and previously mentioned rose gardens which gave it its nickname “The City of Roses”. The International Rose Test Garden is the most impressive of all city's rose gardens and is an absolute must-see if visiting the city. You will be delighted by over 7,000 roses of over 500 varieties which bloom from April to October. The International Rose Test Garden is operating continuously since 1917 which makes it the nation's oldest public rose garden. It is located in the Washington Park where you can find many other prominent attractions including the Oregon Zoo containing animals from all over the world in natural or semi-natural habitats, the Portland Children's Museum, the Hoyt Arboretum, the Portland Japanese Garden, the World Forestry Center displaying educational exhibits on forests, the Oregon Vietnam Veterans Memorial and the Oregon Holocaust Memorial as well as many statues and fountains.

“The City of Roses” is also famous for its rich and diverse art scene and was named one of the top Big City Arts Destinations in the United States by the American Style in 2006. The Portland Art Museum is the oldest art museum on the West Coast and one of the nation's 25 largest art museums. The museum's collection encompasses over 42,00 art works from the ancient times to the present day by some of the greatest artists in history. If being interested in arts you will also like the Museum of Contemporary Crafts and Blue Sky Gallery as well as the Pearl District and Alberta Arts District where you can find numerous smaller art galleries. Be sure not to miss the Portlandia, a sculpture above the entrance of the Portland Building which is the nation's second largest hammered-cooper statue after the Statue of Liberty.

Visitors interested in history have plenty to see in experience in Portland. The Oregon Historical Society Museum may be the best to start with. It houses over 85,000 artifacts and enables you to learn more about the city's history. Worth visiting is also the Washington County Museum featuring the original Washington County Jail from the mid-19th century and the USS Blueback (SS-581) in the Willamette River. Portland is also home to numerous prominent historic buildings many of which can be found in the Old Town north of Downtown Portland.

Portland is also famous for the Portland Trail Blazers playing at the Rose Garden Arena and it would be a shame not to catch them play. However, make sure you get the tickets before the game because they are usually sold out.

We will continue to update this site and add the best, top, and most popular restaurants, steakhouses, things to do, seafood, and travel links to the list in the Portland area. If you know of a popular restaurant, steakhouse, resort, tourist attraction, hotel, resort, spa, pizza joint, nightclub or pub. Please let us know and we will add all the best ones, so everyone in Portland can dine in style.

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