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We hope you enjoy our Minneapolis City Guide. You will find the best Minneapolis Restaurants, Minneapolis Steakhouses, Pizza, Seafood, Golf, Minneapolis Area Attractions, Nightlife, Tours, Hotels, Sites and more. If you have suggestions about Minneapolis Italian Restaurants, Chinese Restaurants or anything else in the Minneapolis Area please give us some feedback. We have created this Top Ten List to provide the 10 Best and most popular categories of things to do and places to eat in the Minneapolis Area. We hope this lets you get the most of your time in Minneapolis.

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Best Minneapolis Attractions Minneapolis Attractions Best Minneapolis Restaurants Minneapolis Restaurants
Best Minneapolis Nightlife Minneapolis Nightlife Best Minneapolis Restaurants Minneapolis Casual Dining
Best Minneapolis Hotels Minneapolis Hotels Best Minneapolis Unique Restaurants Minneapolis Unique Dining
Best Minneapolis Shopping Minneapolis Shopping Best Minneapolis Steakhouses Minneapolis Steakhouses
Best Minneapolis Golf Courses Minneapolis Golf Courses Best Minneapolis Pizza Minneapolis Pizza
Best Minneapolis Bars Pubs and Nightclubs Minneapolis Bars and Pubs Best Minneapolis Spas Minneapolis Casinos
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Minneapolis is a great place to visit. It is one of the most visited cities in America. If Arts and Culture is important to you then Minneapolis is one of the best destinations in the country. There are several theaters with world class production. There are also over 50 museums in Minneapolis covering a wide variety of interests. The Walker Art Center is one of the best in the country.

Saint Anthony Main is the best starting point for sightseeing in Minneapolis. There are restaurants, parks, Saint Anthony Falls, stores, hiking trails, movie theaters, attractions and more.

When in Minneapolis you have to taste a local tradition. It's called the Juicy Lucy. It's two hamburger patties packed around a slice of cheese and then grilled until the cheese melts out. There are several restaurants and bars that claim to serve the best. Some local favorite restaurants that serve the Juicy Lucy are Matt's Bar, Annie's Palor, The Ugly Mug and The 5-8 Club. They are all great and a little different. Try each restaurant and decide the best for yourself.

We will continue to update this site to add the best, top rated and most popular Italian Restaurants, Steakhouses, Attractions, Shopping, Nightlife, Pizza, Bars and more in Minneapolis Minnesota.

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